How to put on a resume

Begin writing dissertations from school age. It is very easy to write them, but we need basic knowledge in order to gradually write a good and correct dissertation. Today we will tell you what these stages are and what structurethe dissertation should have. The structure and stages of writing a thesis. In the dissertation always […]

How to do a resume

If desired, thereader can find the literature that interests him and follow these articles on yourresearch path and its logic. To organize links, I recommend using the N-note program, which automatically creates a sequence of links. That is, you do not have to do it in manual mode. With regard to the design of links, […]

How to build a resume

References and links. Your literature review should be comprehensive, but this is not an end in itself. This should be a review of sources that is related to whatyou are researching. You can read 40-50 articles, but make links to only 20 of them. References on the topic should be directly related to the topic […]

How to create a resume

Use graphs and spreadsheets in the article because people perceive visual information better. Visual results are more understandable. Tables or graphs must be accompanied by a “legend”, or a description of what the reader sees on them. These explanations will allow to understand the data in the eventthat visual information will be used separately from […]

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