How to create a resume

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Use graphs and spreadsheets in the article because people perceive visual information better. Visual results are more understandable. Tables or graphs must be accompanied by a “legend”, or a description of what the reader sees on them. These explanations will allow to understand the data in the eventthat visual information will be used separately from the article. There is no need to write about methods or refer to some source next to a table or a chart. It is enough to give a brief explanation under the schedule. For example, “Men from 15 to 40 years. Dynamics of morbidity by year.

That is, to provide only what is necessary for understanding and interpreting the results of the study. Many readers first look only at resumes, tables and charts. Ifthis interested them, they can already read the whole article. Therefore, some parts of thearticle should be interesting in their own way, so that the reader finds something new for them and does not pass by your work. Discussion section. This partofthearticle is the most difficult to write. In it you write about what you found out and how you can interpret yourdata, what they mean. In particular, this includes an overviewof other studies on the topic of your scientific work, as well as a story that guided you in your work. Suppose you find out something new that goes against the research that has already been published. Your first duty isto convince the reader of thecorrectness of your scientific facts and correctness of approaches, to provide a clear evidence base, the logic of your research work.

If you had anyrestrictions during theresearch, youshould inform the readerin thissection. For exampl your research is not based on a representative sample, as is customary for most studies today, but you simply worked with a group of volunteers and cannot guarantee that they adequately represent the entire population. The scientist must be honest with the reader and with himself. Conclusion In it you tell people aboutwhat the novelty of your work is, what important things you found out in the course of your scientific work, howyourdiscovery differs from the rest. Some people tend to exaggerate their scientific discoveries and claim that their research has almost turned the world around. Do not try to follow theirlead.

Lack of modesty can harm you. In most cases we make progressive steps in science. And such steps are important because they are the basis for further knowledge and approaches, improving medical practice and the development of medicine, and advancing in the basic sciences. However, if youthink that you managed to discover something fundamentally new, say so.

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