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If desired, thereader can find the literature that interests him and follow these articles on yourresearch path and its logic. To organize links, I recommend using the N-note program, which automatically creates a sequence of links. That is, you do not have to do it in manual mode. With regard to the design of links, some journals require them to be organizedin the order of mentioning in the article, others prefer that you insertthe author’s name and year of publication into the text, and the article itself was cited in the list ofreferences at the end of the article. Some require links to be numbered in order.

Programs suchas the N-note can rebuild the system of references from one requirement to another. Try to refer to articles that are published in magazines with a high citation index. Now there are up to 9-10 thousand medical publications around the world, and following this rule is very important because it helps to find the most authoritative sources and the most significant achievements in the field you are studying. Summary and headline. So, you have a finished article and you need to advertise it. This can be done in two ways

References and links. Your literature review should be comprehensive, but this is not an end in itself. This should be a review of sources that is related to whatyou are researching. You can read 40-50 articles, but make links to only 20 of them. References on the topic should be directly related to the topic of yourresearch.

Before you send an article, even if youhave completely finished it and checked it several times, you need to make sure that lately nobody has published any very important article that supports or rejects what you want to say. Check the scientific publications on this account so that your literature review is relevantat the time you decide to publish the article. This will make your article more powerful, and theconclusion more reliable. Another task that needs to be done is to provide in the text links to publications on the topic of your research that you cite or mention in your article. Youmust inform the reader in detail what sources you relied on.

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